“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.” -Bob Marley

I woke this morning, set my coffee pot to start, and heard the rumblings of thunder about 5 minutes out; not much time to walk my dog, Tennessee.  As we set foot outdoors, it was already starting a slight drizzle, and my beautifully brindled Mountain Cur was defiantly wanting to come back in.  Unaware, I found myself smiling; not just at the joy I saw at my dogs attempt to [not] get his feet wet. Ha! But also at the rain itself. It was raining in mid-October. In Wisconsin; a state that has seen snow in years past (‘chalk one up to global warming?’). The trees were still green; yellow and orange and red in some spots even. It almost felt like springtime.

As we came back in, and I graciously seized my hot cup of coffee, I gathered myself on our porch, and sat to peer out into what some would call our ‘backyard garden.’ The house is situated at the end of a cul-du-sac and has a voluminous yard, outlined with lush trees and filled with gardens of wildflower beds and enchanting perennials. I simply listened to the rain. And I thanked the rain. I thanked the rain for watering our much needed dry earth; our trees, and shrubs, and flowers, that still continue to grow so beautifully throughout this unseasonably warm October air. I sat for quite awhile, and just listened.

We have choices everyday. Hundreds of choices that we make, most subconsciously because we are so programmed into doing them. When it rains, feel the rain. Don’t get angry if you get wet; you will be dry again. When you can, dig your feet into the sand, and feel the grain beneath your toes. Let your hair blow wildly in the wind. Don’t worry about leaving the house without makeup; you are stunning just the way you are.  And lastly, let your feet be one with the earth. Let your presence here be known. We are all here but a short time on this planet, let us be thankful for our time here.



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