Falling in love with Fall.

It seems to happen effortlessly, year after year. And it’s gradual, as love, generally speaking is. But then, out of no where, it hits you. The vibrancy of color; it’s virtually everywhere. The deep auburn’s, the crisp yellow’s, the golden amber’s, and the last of the sparkling green’s that linger within the leaves of every magnificent color. And the smells! Oh the smells! No, I’m not speaking of the pumpkin-spiced this or that from your favorite coffee shop. I’m talking about the real smells of fall; that earthiness smell you get when you are crunching on the leaves on that brisk, early morning walk with your dog. Or that sense of freshness you get when a warm breeze from the (trees of fall) comes through, and all you want to do is hold on to that brilliancy for 5 minutes more. And finally, the wondrous smell of burning leaves. As if the earth is giving way to a new form; making way for the old to become something new again. There is nothing better.

I’ve often found that many individuals love the fall for various reasons, many I perhaps have listed above but I have also heard of the following: football, going to children’s athletic games, attending pumpkin farms and apple picking, haunted houses and Halloween, fall fashion, warming up with a cup of coffee or tea and reading a great new book, I feel as though the list could go on.

As someone who could not enjoy the fall last year because of an ankle and knee injury, I say to you this, be thankful for every chance you get to spend Fall, in whichever capacity you may choose. There is so much about this wonderful season to be grateful for, especially if you just take a few extra minutes to stop and smell the breeze, or linger at the brilliancy of the colors of the trees, or smell the burning of the leaves, or attend a cousin’s football game, or pick that extra large pumpkin and carve it, and fine, get that venti, extra hot, pumpkin-spice latte, with an extra shot of pumpkin-spice, hold the whip, please. Because, you know you want it.

Enjoy the fall…


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