I was catching up with long-time friends last night, over a crackling fire, on what was an unseasonably warm fall evening. None of us minded this of course- it is Wisconsin after all! And we got to talking about life; where we are now, where we have been; misfortunes that have happened to us throughout the years; and where we want to go. We looked to the sky, the stars, and it felt quite enchanting; thinking of the unknown, dreaming of what could be. And what is life, but if not to dream?

Many of us had lost parents, some multiple, some had had injuries that put them out of work for longer than 6 months (myself included), some talked about how difficult it is starting a new business venture when you are a stay at home mom, raising two children, and home school one of them. We discussed how difficult it is to find love, deep, meaningful love. The older you get, the harder it seems (the dating sites, the bar scene- ughh!). But we also talked about where we all are, right now, in this universe. Planted, here, together, on a beautiful night, with the future bright- in front of us.

No one knows for sure what our future’s entail. We can set plans. We can put money aside. We can dream. We can take off one day in a car and end up in New Mexico, at the Hot Air Balloon Fest, watching in AWE, over the magnificent mountainsides, and painted desert skies. Just remember to stay focused on those plans; don’t let your own (misadventures) get you down. Continue to see the positive in every situation and weed out the negative; it can be hard- but meditation does wonders! (And so does reading)! 🙂

I’ve had my share of misadventures; consequently my site was named as such! In writing this blog, it allows me to be transparent with my prior experiences and to help myself grow through them simultaneously. I hope any piece of wisdom I shed throughout my pages can allow you to evolve as well…


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