What happened to great conversation?

I was in my physical therapy office of all places, where it occurred. I have been attending physical therapy now for the past 4 months; still rehabbing my ankle post surgery, and now my hip, given my whole body has somewhat shifted from being off-kilter for so long. So now, I’m in the pool, which I do not mind at all; in fact, I love. There is definitely something to be said about the peacefulness that one finds within the surroundings of the water.  And it was in this tranquil place, that I met a new therapist (only new to me), and a lovely older woman, with whom I found a new friendship in.

We started off talking about random things; she didn’t understand why some holiday’s are not celebrated on the actual holiday (she is originally from NY, and they celebrate Halloween ON Halloween, not this trick-or treat-stuff on the Saturday’s and Sunday’s before…you get my point). And I agreed with her- I dated someone from NYC for 6 1/2 years and we had talked about that before as well, along with schoolchildren not having off for days they should (i.e. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President birthdays, etc.).  We ended up finding that we had similar likes, and continued the conversation with such ease. We worked through our pool exercises and talked the hour away.  I told her about the difficulties I am having finding a job and she was surprised, given all of my experience and my accomplishments. And because of this, she said I was so driven; this woman that I had just met; and my therapist agreed. I couldn’t believe how incredibly proud I felt, at that moment, simply because of the words that these new friends spoke to me.

It’s rare. To find satisfying conversation can be difficult in the times we live today. Everyone is always busy with this, or doing that, or staring at their new app on their iPhone. Ok, ok, I may have done it too. But my point is communication- the verbal kind. And my (newly formed friend) found it so joyous, because she lives in a large apartment building, where women do not work, have multiple children, and have been known to ‘stand around and gossip about others.’  She is clearly not like this, and therefore is viewed as pretentious.  She lives alone, and says she seldom has anyone to talk, which is why she thoroughly enjoyed our little chat. And that is why, I rescheduled my next appointment to be with her again, for pool therapy, and mental therapy as well. Because good conversation is hard to come by.  Try it…you’ll see!





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