The joy of a lazy day.

It’s 3:30 in the afternoon, on a cold and dreary fall Saturday. I’ve enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in, snuggled next to my dog, until 10 am; likely unheard of if you have a significant other, or children, or work, or you are generally a morning person. But I, having so many (misadventures) in my life, have none of these ‘responsibilities,’ other than my dog, so I have the leisure of doing as I choose. And today, I chose to sleep in.

On days such as this, when the weather is most certainly Fall- cold, wet, and misting, with the leaves rustling just enough to lower themselves from the tall tree they once were attached, it allows me time to catch up on matters such as reading others’ blog posts; something that is imperative for a new blogger like myself.  It also allows me the time to read the current book I am enlightening myself on, because, well, I am one who is never without a book; I must always have something to read. Whether it be historical fiction, a great suspense or thriller, spirituality books, or my magazine collection, I am happy with whichever book I am reading at the moment (and in many cases, it is more than one). I also spend time, on days like these, chatting over a cup of coffee with my lovely, elderly neighbor and her new puppy, which I helped her adopt.

The joy that I see in my neighbor’s face, from the happiness that her new puppy has brought her, is profound. She lost her husband of over 60 years just a handful of months ago. She kept her curtains drawn. She stopped walking. She lost her smile. In the past month-or-so, she had been thinking of a adopting a dog, for she and her husband had always had them, before he had taken ill. We looked and looked, and we finally found one. And my neighbor’s smile is bigger than ever. And she is walking. And her curtains are open again. And the joy is back. And such is the joy in my lazy day, visiting her, and her new puppy.


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