And the hibiscus blooms again.

The fall season is well upon us, and winter is baring her loveliness in the form of the slightest white specks, falling from a grey-streaked sky.  Naturally, our hibiscus tree was transferred from her home on the back patio indoors, for continued growth and bloom throughout the winter season.  And just as there was this commitment to the hibiscus, there had been another piece of my life that needed maintenance as well.

While I worked in veterinary medicine (which now seems like a lifetime ago), I met someone; someone with whom I had found the deepest spiritual, interconnectedness within a friendship that one could find. And this friendship flourished for years; we had similar familial struggles we could relate to; we had the same passion for animals (especially cats); and we always found that our communication was effortless. Until there was a tragic accident with one of my animals. And then she had to put down one of her’s. And my father was diagnosed with cancer. And many other conditions in life started affecting the both of us. And we bottled up our emotion. And it became to much. And, we lost touch.

I often would write about her, in my journal. And when falling asleep at night, she would be there, drifting into my dreams. I was afraid. Afraid to reach out, even though I knew she was nearby. She attended my father’s funeral; that’s the kind of friend she was, she would never hold that kind of resentment. There was just an awkwardness, that for whatever reason, needed to be addressed. And after she had reached out, asking me to join her and a mutual friend for dinner, I was apprehensive, asking first if we could meet separately. And she agreed.

The hibiscus is in full bloom again, now that I’ve brought it in for the winter, and so is my heart; she is full. When you find a friendship that is deep and meaningful, there is a responsibility and attention you must bestow it, for it is a treasure to be had. Because even if the blooms last but a day (as most hibiscus do), they are truly, a beautiful sight to see.


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