Staying away from sadness.

I’ve been thinking a lot about it recently; sadness that is. And it’s often hard to talk about. And certainly, as I’ve noticed throughout the years, the holidays can seem to bring forth particularly sad-like feelings; loneliness, irritation, depression, tearfulness, and helplessness. It can be anything that elicits these feelings; the loss of a loved one, the dreaded cold and dark winter days, the added stress that the holidays bring with them (hosting guests, cooking, trying to ‘perfect’ everything), constant family conflict, or simply noticing others happy and in love, when you yourself, are not. I must admit, I am not immune to the dispiritedness of the holiday season; I get lonely and suffer from depression and anxiety, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

But not staying in these states is crucial, particularly if we want to strive for wellness throughout not just the holiday, but well into winter. So how do we do this? You have to find things that speak to your happiness. Books, music, art, painting, writing, walking my dog, talking to my neighbor, coffee shops with friends, yoga, working with my crystals, and spending time with my nephew and niece; these all bring me a wealth of pure joy. Sometimes, it can be the slightest of things; a steaming cup of herbal tea, nestled in on a brilliant sun-filled sofa, reading a fresh new novel, on a bitter cold and dark day- and that’s all you need to bring you out of your dreariness. But sometimes, it may not be enough.

I get it. I miss my father. Every. Single. (Damn). Day. I become awfully disconsolate about the fact that he is gone. But I am also on medication to help me. And I’m also not afraid to admit that. I believe more people should be frankly, but that’s my opinion. And missing dad around the holidays is especially difficult. But I’ve learned to talk to him more; and visit him more; and notice all the signs he brings daily, because they are there. I’ve also learned to continue to attract those around you who bring you happiness. So continue to create timeless pieces of art that can bring your soul inspiration. And listen to music that brings your heart liveliness. And enjoy an exercise that brings you great energy. And find a crystal shop. And stay away, from sadness.


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