Signs. They’re Everywhere.

I happened to be daydreaming in the shower. The steam from the water and oils of eucalyptus and citrus rising around me, as if almost in a cloud of smoke. My eyes were closed, as they often are when I bathe. The word Bumble came to mind, as if out of nowhere. Bumble. I thought immediately of a cat, and how charming a name it would be when I would acquire my next feline. And then I thought of the cat being orange, and how I could not possibly have an orange cat, because I know, from working in the field, that most, do not have the most pleasant of temperaments. But the name stuck. And I didn’t understand why.

It was later that day, that I traveled to a quaint little shop I often frequent; Angel Light Healing Arts Center (yes, I’m giving them free publication). It is a wonderfully calming and beautifully centering shop, that heals from within. My best friend introduced me over 10 years ago and I’ve been going ever since. And, since acknowledged, I’ve been taking my nephew since he was 7, and my nieces since they were 5. They are now, respectively, 13 and 11 (twin girls). I take them twice a year, for just about anything they want in the shop, and mostly, it’s healing crystals. This day, however, I came in for gift certificates (for them), as Christmas presents. As I was writing the certificates out, I looked down into the glass-case under me. I did a double take and laughed quietly to myself. There was a stone labeled Bumble Bee Jasper. The stone was orange and grey. And absolutely remarkable. It obviously was expensive, and new (being under glass), but I needed to have it. I told the story of my morning to the healing-arts associate, and she completely understood. It was a sign.

Signs are everywhere. You need to be observant. But first, you must be present. Being present means you are grounded and centered in the life you are living. You listen. You are aware. You are here. You appreciate the simple things. Nature and animals, and crystals and books bring you joy. And when you look to the sky, you appreciate the sun, the moon, the stars and the clouds, for they all bring us something different and magnificent. And when you are present, you will find these connections. Connections of the sings that were there, right from the start.


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