New year. New guidance.

It’s not just every year that I pick up my stack of Oracle cards and ask them a question. Admittedly, I likely will ask my cards for guidance whenever I am feeling lost, or wandering to a place where perhaps I shouldn’t go, quite possibly to the land of depression. And I’ll pick them up from time to time, when my nieces are over, and they want to ask the deck what they are going to be when they get older (artists, instructors, something magical). But in this case, being a new year and all, I wanted to ask my cards what the year had in store for me. More specifically, “What should I focus on in the next few months?” Surprisingly, my cards drew upon a lovely spread, and a middle card that continues to show up. I must write.

I started this blog in October, not only because my cards back then told me to write, but because I had this need, this want inside of me to create a piece of something from with which I could pour myself out onto a platform. I have always loved to read. Always. And such a large part of me has always had it in the back of my mind that I would someday write a book. Now, I don’t know if that will every hold true, but it is one of those things you dream about. To have your name on a book. Art that you created. Magical. I’ve never considered myself a spectacular writer, but I believe I do possess a gift; one that I gained from my late father, and that was to tell stories. He was the best story-teller I had ever known.

And so, coming into this beautiful new year, with some guidance from a spread of cards, I will continue on this path. I will write. And I will do this for me. Writing challenges me and excites me. It can be so freeing and inspiring. I can start of going for a walk in the morning, and the littlest thing can invigorate me to create a beautiful piece posted with a magnificent photo. Writing grounds me. And genuinely makes you think deep. About life. And everything extraordinary about it. So, go on. Think about your new year. And about something that will inspire you to begin today. Writing perhaps? 🙂


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