Enjoying solitude

Today was the first day in about a month, that I woke up feeling great. When you are riddled with health issues that sometimes seem to encompass your life, things as little as ‘feeling great’ when you wake up can completely change your outlook on the day. So after I started my coffee percolating, I headed out into the beautifully sunny morning to walk my dog, Tennessee. I haven’t been able to do this in the past 3 weeks because of a kidney stone that became obstructed (yes, another surgery). As I walked, I took in the fresh spring-like air, taking each step gingerly, ensuring I wouldn’t stress my insides from what they had just been through. As we walked along the prairie in the woods throughout the backyard, I noticed myself smiling; feeling grateful for continuing to practice wellness, even as I go through bouts of sickness.

With every setback, it does make me worrisome about my overall health. However, I know that I am doing everything I can to ensure my health is my number one priority. I meditate, I go to physical therapy when prescribed, I take the medicines I am supposed to take daily, I practice yoga when able, I eat a ‘clean’ diet, I stay away from sugars and preservatives, and I walk- as much as I can. I know I am doing my best. I also continue to write and read, every chance I get.

Throughout life, you make plans and set goals for yourself. These dreams will never fade. Despite health setbacks, they still remain. Unchanged. And on days where I’m feeling a bit down, I always remember that no matter what, I can find my solitude through various activities that bring me joy. My art; my walks with my dog; my crystals; my music. Find time to consistently allow yourself solitude, and your life with bring you happiness. Positivity is where it’s at!


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