Finding myself.

It’s crazy to think that I started this blog as a journey of discovering; for me. And to wonder why I haven’t taken to these pages since March, is beyond me. I suppose so much of it is simply because of this: life happens. When I last posted, I had traveled out of my comfort zone and applied to a job in a city roughly 75 miles from my hometown.  My mother thought this was unrealistic.  Two interviews later, I accepted a position within a large pharmaceutical research facility, doing what I have always loved: surrounding myself with animals, and finding a cure to every disease out there.

I uprooted myself and made the move, and found a beautiful new apartment to call home.  It has been a wonderful journey.  One of adjustment. One of solitude.  One of joy. And one with uncertainty.

The position I hold has been rewarding, and at the same time, much harder than anticipated.  Running around a MILLION SQUARE FOOT facility has been a bit of an undertaking; especially having to learn the lay of the land.  To say that there is no affect to my joints, would be an untruth.  I have an autoimmune condition, one that debilitates my body as a whole. It is painful.  It comes when it wants.  But I do everything within my control to take care, as best as I know how.  I have taken to meditation, to the healing powers of crystals, to applying the best essential oils, and to yoga. I even joined a pilates club and I walk my beautiful dog Tennessee daily.

All of this, and I still feel that there is something missing;  and so I continue on this path of self-discovery.  I find joy in the simple things: reading a new book on my patio, with the breeze in my hair; listening to the music of the rain pelting the windows; and drinking a cup of green tea while scrapping together my bullet journal.  I do not know what the immediate future holds; I don’t think anyone really does. But I do know this: my new city is where I will stay, my interests will remain, and I will start writing again.


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  1. Really, people are always telling you who you are and it’s the tradition of hermits to leave society to live alone in the wilderness in order to discover who they really are~without all the noise from other people! 😏

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