How does one sum up their life when writing about themselves on an ‘about’ page? Well, it hasn’t always been so arduous, but the past 6 years thereabouts, have sure made their presence known. I am a 38 year old, overweight albeit lovely woman, who currently resides with her mother and brother (and my furry companion Tennessee), in their modest suburban home. This is not entirely by choice; my father passed away last year and we all decided this decision was best to help us all cope. Currently I stay because I have no where else to go. I have been out of a job for the past 6 months due to an ankle surgery I had in April, and finding work has been particularly difficult- notably for one that has a B.A. in sociology; a post-baccalaureate in Education with three certifications; and an M.A. in Education- Curriculum and Instruction. I am also a Certified Veterinary Technician; an avid painter, voracious reader, and lover of the earth. ¬†Oh. And I also love to write.


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