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With Easter right around the corner, Tennessee would like to remind his furry friends of these ‘Easter don’ts for dogs (and kitties!)

  1. Easter grass is pretty, but do not ingest! Surgery is generally the only option to get this stuff out! So friends, don’t eat it!
  2. Chocolate eggs with creamy fillings are for humans; if ingested can cause serious intestinal issues: diarrhea, vomiting, rapid heart rate, even death if large amounts consumed. Friends, just don’t eat it!
  3. Candy, in general! You don’t know if it contains Xylitol, an extremely toxic substance to dogs and cats. Can cause rapid decline of your liver, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), seizures, and death! Even SMALL amounts can do harm!!
  4. Easter Lilies!  Extremely toxic to cats!  Just STAY AWAY!
  5. The number for the ASPCA poison control hotline is 888-426-4435 (just in case!).


Tennessee wishes all a wonderful and safe New Year! Here’s to a beautiful 2018! -xo




HALLOWEEN SAFETY TIPS, from Tennessee the dog

  1. Costumes. Yes. My mom dresses me incessantly in various threads; and although I may admittedly fancy a new boot, (because lord knows I hate to dirty my paws), your owner has to keep watch of you with your Halloween costume on. I, along with my furry friends, have been known to chew them to bits, and, well, ingest parts. Lemme just say from experience, don’t. The surgery costs your parent’s ALOT, and the aftercare in the emergency hospital is.. Just. NO. FUN. Dog friends (and kitties). Wear the costume, Then take it off. Don’t eat it.
  2. Candy! There will be lots! Do not, I repeat, Do NOT be tempted to eat it. Halloween is one of the busiest times of the season for candy consumption by (little) humans. And all of which is toxic to animals! Chocolate (all kinds-but the darker the worse), all types of GUM, hard candy- (because it can and most likely contains artificial sweetener’s like xylitol- which are highly toxic dogs and cats). Just stay away from it friends! These treats can cause cardiac problems, seizures, kidney failure, vomiting, diarrhea, and can lead to death.  The number for the ASPCA poison control hotline is 888-426-4435 (just in case!). * I will now let you in on a REPULSIVE HALLOWEEN STORY: if you have read my mom’s bio, then you know she worked in veterinary emergency medicine for over 13 years.  Something she had to REPEADEDLY do to dogs when they came in, after ingesting chocolate, was to induce vomiting- (you needed to get this stuff out of the dog’s stomach ASAP before the chemical in chocolate had time to start seeping into the bloodstream and taking effect). There is a medicine that she would give to the dog-friends; anyway- after about 1 minute, it would hit them (the dogs that is), and the chocolate would come heaving out; melted hot chocolate, spewing out of a (now) sick dogs stomach. And you know what my mom always said? It was the best smelling vomit! 🙂  HAHAHAHAHA!
  3. Stay away from doors- and the outside! Trick-or Treaters will be coming to your door, for at least 2-4 hours, and you don’t want to run the risk of sneaking out to go after one of those little humans. They may look cute, or cuddly, or down-right menacing and scary, and you may get the urge to run after one! Don’t. You don’t want your mom or dad to worry about you being lost. You also don’t want to run the risk of someone (who may not be so nice), injuring you or perhaps doing worse. So, just stay away from the door. And keep your black cats indoors!




Tennessee decided last night that it was indeed cold enough he needed his t-shirt before going for his evening walk.  This is not to be confused with his fall sweater, nor his Halloween costume, or further yet his faux fur puffer jacket for winter. He has boots to boot! You see the pun I did there right?? 🙂 Yes. I am that mom. And my dog is truly that handsome. And spoiled. And he’s adopted. And more than deserves it.


I’ve spoke of him on previous posts, but this is Tennessee, my 3 year old companion. He is truly one of the best boys I’ve yet to adopt, and I have adopted a lot. A lot. All of my fur babies have come to me through some serendipitous manner; my first kitty hit by a car, my second thrown out of a car on a highway, my third at a shelter for abandoned show-cats, and my first dog, hit by a car. Yes, this seems dramatic; it was. I worked for 13 years as an emergency and critical care technician and nurse for a prestigious teaching hospital in southeastern Wisconsin. They were some of the most difficult yet rewarding years of my life, and the most enjoyment I will (likely) ever have with a group of brilliant colleagues was found here.

I have had three cats, consistently until it was time to put them down. I’ve had other cat’s, kitten’s, bunnies, lizards even during this time, but my three kitties have always been my constant through the past 17 years.

Prince Molten, my Persian made it to just 10 1/2, when he passed due to a severe lung disease called blastomycosis. He was an extremely affectionate, yet nervous kitty. Miracle, who was the kitty tossed out of a car on a highway, made it to almost 15, when I put him down due to cancer. He was the sweetest boy I ever had; followed me everywhere- I truly believe he thought I was his mama. I called him my ‘fatboy,’ – always weighing 16 1/2 pounds but never considered overweight.  When I put him down, he was under 9 pounds. Maude lasted the longest, 16 1/2 years. My feisty calico/tortishell, still very sweet, chirped every time I said her name. She lived through her diaphragmatic hernia, gastrointestinal cancer at age 5, and again at age 14. To say she really had had 9 lives, would be an understatement. I miss her dearly, as she was my last old girl to go.

I will continually keep this page updated, as animals are one of the most important pieces to my life. They complete me, and I could never be without them.

If you ever have a question about your furry friend, do not hesitate to leave a comment, I would love to respond!


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