The fear of letting go.

Why is it that the most simple thing, that last fall leaf that flutters across your face- as if parting completely, can make you stop and cry, as if never to be seen again? Because we know certainly, that nature will sustain, and the leaves will grow anew, and the everlasting of the world will... Continue Reading →

And the hibiscus blooms again.

The fall season is well upon us, and winter is baring her loveliness in the form of the slightest white specks, falling from a grey-streaked sky.  Naturally, our hibiscus tree was transferred from her home on the back patio indoors, for continued growth and bloom throughout the winter season.  And just as there was this... Continue Reading →

At a crossroads.

In life, there may be times, where things may not go as you might have planned, where the inevitable simply creeps upon you like a slithery snake. And I've had plenty of these situations throughout my life, where seemingly unavoidable disasters have struck. It's how we learn to get out of these so-called 'disasters,' that... Continue Reading →

The joy of a lazy day.

It's 3:30 in the afternoon, on a cold and dreary fall Saturday. I've enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in, snuggled next to my dog, until 10 am; likely unheard of if you have a significant other, or children, or work, or you are generally a morning person. But I, having so many (misadventures) in my... Continue Reading →

Clearing my mind

The weather has changed, drastically from just a few days ago in fact; a drop of about 40 degrees! And just as I've described in previous posts, this is not unlike Wisconsin weather. It also has not altered anything about my morning commute; my commute with my dog that is: walking. Because although I am... Continue Reading →


I was catching up with long-time friends last night, over a crackling fire, on what was an unseasonably warm fall evening. None of us minded this of course- it is Wisconsin after all! And we got to talking about life; where we are now, where we have been; misfortunes that have happened to us throughout... Continue Reading →

Falling in love with Fall.

It seems to happen effortlessly, year after year. And it's gradual, as love, generally speaking is. But then, out of no where, it hits you. The vibrancy of color; it's virtually everywhere. The deep auburn's, the crisp yellow's, the golden amber's, and the last of the sparkling green's that linger within the leaves of every... Continue Reading →

Why I Read

Someone recently said to me what a waste of time reading was. That they needed to actually 'be doing something;' like reading wasn't an appreciable concept. I was stunned. And for someone who usually can find the words to construct an argument as to why reading is not (a waste of time), I said nothing.... Continue Reading →


"Some people feel the rain, others just get wet." -Bob Marley I woke this morning, set my coffee pot to start, and heard the rumblings of thunder about 5 minutes out; not much time to walk my dog, Tennessee.  As we set foot outdoors, it was already starting a slight drizzle, and my beautifully brindled... Continue Reading →

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