A ‘Fresh’ Start.

With the new year usually comes a resolution of some sort- for those that are eager to change something and start anew. But by about the second week of January however, it is often easier to retreat to our old habits; after all, aren't they more painless?- no exercise plans to stick to, no crazy... Continue Reading →

Being stronger than pain

I pull out my hair tie and fluff my natural curls across my pillow. I have covered myself in essential oils produced by the earth. I lay with healing crystals surrounding my being. I am contentedly comforted by my surroundings. Yet. I have found it quite necessary to indulge in a concoction of medicinals to... Continue Reading →

Nothing changes…

...If nothing changes. It's one of my favorite quotes, from an author unbeknownst to me. And I've used this quote even in times when teaching, and students felt as though this awful period called 'middle school,' would go on forever; and the hormones, and the acne, the bad grades, and the boy troubles would flourish.... Continue Reading →


A piece of music can bring you back. From being lost. And that seems to be where I've been. I've been trying to forget. Forget the sadness that is felt deep within. And it is the holidays, that do seem to bring these feelings about. When you've lost a parent, and they are no longer... Continue Reading →

Staying away from sadness.

I've been thinking a lot about it recently; sadness that is. And it's often hard to talk about. And certainly, as I've noticed throughout the years, the holidays can seem to bring forth particularly sad-like feelings; loneliness, irritation, depression, tearfulness, and helplessness. It can be anything that elicits these feelings; the loss of a loved... Continue Reading →

The fear of letting go.

Why is it that the most simple thing, that last fall leaf that flutters across your face- as if parting completely, can make you stop and cry, as if never to be seen again? Because we know certainly, that nature will sustain, and the leaves will grow anew, and the everlasting of the world will... Continue Reading →

Clearing my mind

The weather has changed, drastically from just a few days ago in fact; a drop of about 40 degrees! And just as I've described in previous posts, this is not unlike Wisconsin weather. It also has not altered anything about my morning commute; my commute with my dog that is: walking. Because although I am... Continue Reading →


I was catching up with long-time friends last night, over a crackling fire, on what was an unseasonably warm fall evening. None of us minded this of course- it is Wisconsin after all! And we got to talking about life; where we are now, where we have been; misfortunes that have happened to us throughout... Continue Reading →

Falling in love with Fall.

It seems to happen effortlessly, year after year. And it's gradual, as love, generally speaking is. But then, out of no where, it hits you. The vibrancy of color; it's virtually everywhere. The deep auburn's, the crisp yellow's, the golden amber's, and the last of the sparkling green's that linger within the leaves of every... Continue Reading →

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