Headway or Hindrance?

It wasn’t until yesterday, that I received an update from Facebook nonetheless, that I was reminded by my past months’ accomplishments. A photo of me actually out of the house, at a running meet, with my nephew and nieces; photos from a trip to Vegas; another of an enormous oil painting I created for a client (my mother); and another from a day of shopping with my brother. Throughout these moments, I have applied for numerous jobs, I have gone on 5 interviews, and continued physical therapy 3 times per week. For someone who deals with severe anxiety, depression, and has hip, low back, and ankle pain, I’d say I’m doing pretty well. Of course I’m being subjective. Others would more than likely have different opinions on how I’m doing based on what they see; that’s called judgement.

Everyday I wake up positive. It’s a new day; I have my health, I am here. My day is guided by how I am feeling that given day. My father started his days like this. I talk to him everyday, and wish I could have asked him more while he was still alive. It’s hard when you lose a parent that you feel so connected to, one that just ‘get’s’ you. I feel as though I have struggled more than ever in these past several months, since my injury last fall, and in losing him. Regardless, I must stay strong for him, for my family that is still here, and more importantly, for myself.

Thanks to the photos, I have reminders of the actual headway that I am making, and although I may have some hindrances (negatives vibes, sadness) that linger, I have to continue to recall all of the achievements that I have made as of late. Continuing on this path will only lead to greatness.


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