Nothing changes…

…If nothing changes. It’s one of my favorite quotes, from an author unbeknownst to me. And I’ve used this quote even in times when teaching, and students felt as though this awful period called ‘middle school,’ would go on forever; and the hormones, and the acne, the bad grades, and the boy troubles would flourish. But I would simply state this quote. And I would get blank stares; many would say that it didn’t make sense. And I would explain to them, that if they didn’t like how something was happening in their life, they naturally, had to change it. Change would only happen when acted upon, or altered.

When looking back at the course of this year, and where things need to head for the new year, things will be changing. I can feel it. And, as if it were a sign, my photo accompaniment to this post was a personal daily quote, randomly assigned and opened by me every morning. I found it fitting. I look back on this year and I am proud of many accomplishments: my graduation last weekend with a M.S. in Education (finishing grad school over summer), I am able to walk (without scooter, crutches, walker, boot!), I have gone through 3 months of physical therapy, I went on two vacations, I am consistent with my doctor appointments for my medical and mental health needs, I took 15 continuing education credits to renew my veterinary technician license, I went on countless interviews and was turned-down countless times (chin-up!), I read 40 books (my goal!), I became a tutor, I started a blog, I returned to painting, photography (amateur), and art in general. And now, I end it with an online job, a job teaching children English in Beijing. It is flexible to my ever-changing schedule. It is what I need.

Change is inevitable. Humans are ever-changing creatures. I look to the new year seeking change. I am craving it. I had a journal last year in which I began to document the change I needed within myself for that year- that being this year. And then life got going. My hope for this year is that this journal, along with my blog, become my inspiration for my continued change, my continued growth, along this thing I call life. And a beautiful life it is.


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